Metal Gates Festival 2019, first confirmations

Final Step Productions brings you Metal Gates Festival for the 3rd edition in Quantic Club, Bucharest.
The festival will take place over 2 days on October 19-20th and will gather bands from all over the world.

These are the first confirmations:

Dark Tranquillity (SE) –
Melodic Death Metal

Officium Triste (NL) –
Doom Death Metal – 25th Anniversary / New Album

Eye Of Solitude (UK) –
Funeral Doom Metal – New Album

Marche Funèbre (BE) –
Doom Death Metal – First Romanian Show

Pilgrimage (MT) –
Doom Death Metal – First Show Ever

Full Passes:

– first 50 tickets / 150 RON (~31 EUR)
– next 250 tickets / 190 RON (~40 EUR) – or until June 15th
– next 250 tickets / 220 RON (~46 EUR) – or until September 1st
– next 250 tickets / 250 RON (~53 EUR)

*Tickets are limited to 800!

*We will announce daily tickets only if the festival is not SOLD OUT one month before.

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