Machine Head amână turneul european din cauza pandemiei de coronavirus

În urma măsurilor luate împotriva epidemiei de coronavirus (COVID 19) la nivel mondial, turneul „25th anniversary of Burn My Eyes” al formației americane MACHINE HEAD – care includea și un concert la Quantic Club din București în data de 12 mai 2020 – este amânat pentru la toamnă (octombrie-noiembrie). Biletele achiziționate până în acest moment rămân valabile pentru noua dată.

Cei care doresc returnarea  banilor pe bilete trebuie să trimită un email (până la data de 31.03.2020) la în care va fi menționat data și numărul  comenzii, iar banii vor fi returnați automat în contul din care s-a făcut plata inițială.

Reamintim că peste 700 de bilete din totalul de 850 de bilete puse în vânzare pentru concertul Machine Head de la București au fost deja achiziționate de către fanii formației, acest eveniment urmând a fi sold out. Prin urmare, vă sfătuim să nu renunțați la biletele achiziționate, cel puțin nu până în momentul în care se va anunța noua dată a concertului.

Ne pare rău pentru această amânare, însă pentru noi siguranța și sănătatea tuturor participanților este prioritară.
În aceste momente este foarte important, pentru noi toți, să respectăm instrucțiunile venite din partea autorităților.

Comunicatul oficial al formației poate fi citit mai jos:


It is with heavy heart that we must announce the postponement of our upcoming EU/UK tour in support of the 25th anniversary of Burn My Eyes.

As residents of the Bay Area, we’ve been hit hard and have witnessed firsthand what has been going on.  Public gathering of more than 1000 have been banned in San Jose, and events in downtown San Francisco including major concerts and conferences have been shut down.

We have been watching the situation overseas on a daily basis, in contact with all promoters, and local governments for the status of our concert there.  As of a week ago, we had 6 concert cancelled until the 2nd week of April, due the banning of public gathering over 1,000 people (or in some cases 100 people).  Even at that point, we still held out hope that things would be contained, and that the public gathering ordinances would be lifted but the time our tour started.

As of today, we now have 14 shows cancelled until the first week of April, with the other 7 cancelled indefinitely. And it appears as of an hour ago, another 3 have been cancelled.

15 minutes ago the World Health Organization just declared the Coronavirus a pandemic.

Of paramount importance to us is the heath and safety of the Head Cases.  We’ve worked hard with all our management, booking agents, and business associates to find other solutions or options, but the levels of risk to our audience and their communities is simply too high for our comfort level. In addition to that, we also have a unique group of extraordinarily passionate fans who travel from all over the continent to watch our shows. We are eternally humbled by the dedication and devotion of the Head Cases, however in this case, travel is something not recommended.

So it is with deep frustration and regret that we are forced to make this announcements. The Burn My Eyes 25th anniversary tour is to be postponed and shows rescheduled for a later date, hopefully in the Fall, but possibly later.

We look forward to our next concerts with you all, and the ability to publicly gather together and play raging heavy metal for you and vent all of our collective frustration, as a result of this insane moment in history, out in the circle pit.

Stay safe, stay calm, and be well friends.
– Robb and Machine Head

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